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Plastic Serial ATA Mobile Rack


Color : Black/White

Product Features

1 Full Serial ATA Compatible
2 Supports up to 1.5Gb/s SATAⅠ Data Transfer Rate
3 Supports up to 3Gb/s SATAⅡ Data Transfer Rate
4 Supports Hot-Plug and Plug-Play
5 Easy access handle
6 Front and rear fans help keep the unit cool
7 Auto Close Door for Dust Resistance
8 Easy Open in Tray Box Cover
9 Options available for no Fan to 3 Fans
Model NO. Description
SR3P(K)-NF...3F K:K for key lock/NF...3F:0...3 fans
SR3P(S)-NF...3F S:S for slide switch/NF...3F:0...3 fans
SR3P(SW)-NF...3F SW:SW for power slide switch/NF...3F:0...3 fans